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    August 2017

    Alpha’s remote guard spooks two trespassing adults during a late night stroll through the community playground.

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Surveillance camera in the workplace concept

4 Benefits of Video Surveillance in the Workplace

2 MIN READ Benefits of Video Surveillance in the Workplace More often than not, employees see the use of video surveillance cameras an invasion of privacy. In actual fact, using video surveillance in the workplace has corresponding benefits to both employer and employee when considered in details. It is a general belief that employers place CCTV […]

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Difference between Spying and Surveillance

3 MIN READ The world is advancing on the path of technology. As a result of this, we are gaining significant control over several situations. To a larger extent, holding back potentially dangerous events is becoming easier. Thanks to the network of smart security cameras and sensors all around us. These cameras work in sync […]

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Surveillance Camera recording privacy law concept

Security Cameras: 3 Steps to Avoiding Legal Implications

Security Cameras: 3 Steps to Avoiding Legal Implications   3 MIN READ Security cameras gained popularity in the 70s when financial institutions and government agencies adopted it as a measure of securing their installations. Fast forward to years present, virtually every public place and private asset has surveillance cameras. While the role of video surveillance […]

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"For years we protected our property with on-site guards. Since switching to Alpha, I haven’t had to worry about sleeping guards or illegible reports. They’re Johnny-on-the-spot and best of all, their program has saved me thousands."

Carlyn Dilger
Gatski Commercial

"The main reason I enjoy working with Alpha is because of the response and quality of product. If I need footage, they get footage. If I need to get trained and set up on my smart phone, they send a tech out to train me. You can’t get much better than this service."

Frank Maone - Owner

"I asked Alpha to do a large install with wireless connections at one of my properties. Other companies had told me wireless wasn’t an option but Alpha took the challenge in stride. The install was clean, organized and completed in just under a week. From start to finish, working with Alpha has been a breeze."

Lisa Roberts – Property Manager

"I have always had problems with people in the pool area after-hours. I would constantly get complaints from tenants about trash being left behind, loud noises at night and drinking. Since Alpha’s Virtual Guard system was installed, all unwanted activities have been deterred and I have not had one incident in my pool area after-hours"

Ishana Bradner
Integrity Based Management

"...regarding an issue we had this past Sunday in our neighborhood, the surveillance system caught picture perfect images with the cameras and I used the software to look at playback and found perfect face shots of both suspects along with vehicle details."

Chuck Borges
Stone Mountain HOA

"Thanks to Alpha’s Virtual Guard Service, we have been able to deter people from illegally dumping, drug deals and crime at our property. Before Alpha, I was using on-site guards to help prevent any unwanted activity, which simply could not cover the entire property, effectively, and we were crime ridden. Since I started using AVG service, crime is down over 90% from using the roaming guard service and patrols. I could not be any happier with my decision. "

William Ross
Orleans Square

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