How to Prevent Dumpster Diving at Your Business Location

How to Prevent Dumpster Diving at Your Business Location


How to Prevent Dumpster Diving at Your Business Location

When planning to set up a security surveillance system, most business owners fail to include their dumpsters among areas to be covered. Obviously, trash is undesirable and it’s quite common for people to pay little or no attention to where their garbage ends. If you fall into this category of people, you have to know at this point that someone people are interested in your trash. They are called dumpster divers!

Dumpster diving has its origin in the prospect of recovering valuable items from trash. However, modern-day garbage raiding has evolved beyond recovering items from trash for reuse. It is now a means by which nefarious elements retrieve personal details from unsuspecting individuals. These personal details are often used to perpetrate criminal acts.

Identity thieves can target your business for the information they can steal from you. Irrespective of your type of business, the probability is high that you will occasionally dispose of papers containing sensitive details. These are just the kind of information thieves look out for in your dumpsters. If the documents you are disposing of contain details like your social security number, credit card information or employee details, you might just be a victim of information theft.

Apart from financial information, phone numbers in discarded documents could constitute a security breach for your business once it gets into the wrong hands.

What you need to do

As a matter of necessity, you need to rid your business premises of unwanted materials. How would you do this without exposing yourself to information theft? Here are some effective security tips for you to consider:

Invest in a good shredder: You can either incinerate or shred your waste papers to prevent anyone from gaining access to them. However, shredding is advisable as a pollution-free method of disposing of unwanted papers. Therefore, invest in a good shredder and make every unwanted document with personal information go in there.

Avoid Disposing Sensitive Documents in Dumpsters: In some cases, filing away documents with sensitive details might be all you need to do. By doing this, you wouldn’t have to worry about the papers getting into the wrong hands. While this measure might protect you from identity theft for some time, it might not be the best approach to take if the files will end up in your dumpster in the long-run.

Install Surveillance Cameras: Motion sensitive cameras are the best in this case. The main benefit of installing security cameras around the location of your dumpster is that it serves to deter dumpster divers. An additional advantage is the digital footage from the camera which might serve as evidence in future.

Ensure dumpster is in a well-lit area: This might be a no-brainer because you don’t want someone digging your garbage under the cover of darkness. Having ambient lighting to complement your motion detection camera will go a long way in rendering your location uninviting to garbage diggers.

Remote Security Guards: This is one of the most effective measures you can take to curb dumpster diving in your business location. Remote Security Guard services by Alpha Video Surveillance offers a combination of security camera monitoring and real-time human intervention. Anytime a movement around your dumpster is detected, the remote operator activates a voice warning to deter the intruder. This is sometimes accompanied by strobe lighting.

Most times, you find vagrants digging your garbage not to steal sensitive information, but to retrieve items which might be “useful” to them. Scavengers frequent retail businesses that discard foods, electronics and clothing materials for this reason.

If your business generates recyclable wastes or discards materials with second-hand value, you can avoid scavengers picking your dumpster by using a different approach. Consider donating your reusable wastes to local organizations that collect them for charity or recycling. Doing this also has an extended benefit of placing your organization among the league of green businesses. This is because giving up wastes for reuse or recycling contributes to environmental sustainability, which is awesome for our existence.

Finally, note that dumpster diving laws vary by location. In some cases, discarded materials are considered to be in the public domain; therefore the original owner might be unable to lay claim to it. Based on this, you should ensure that the materials going into your dumpster are materials you truly want to get rid of.

If you need help with finding out about dumpster diving laws that apply to your locality or setting up a security monitoring system to cover all areas of your location (including your dumpster), contact Alpha Video Surveillance.

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